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Riese and Muller Load4 60
Riese and Muller Load4 60
Riese and Muller Load4 60
Riese and Muller Load4 60
Riese and Muller Load4 60
Riese and Muller Load4 60

Riese and Muller Load4 60

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The Load4 60: Benchmark of Cargo Versatility

The Load4 60 has every feature you would want from a do-everything cargo bike, without making any concessions. Riese and Muller's control technology and low centre of gravity ensure perfect handling in every situation so you can carry anything, anywhere. 

New Bosch Smart System
The '4' in Load4 refers to the new Bosch Smart System. Bosch have introduced a new generation of motor systems that allow you, the rider, more control between the various parts of the system thanks to the eBike Flow app. One of biggest benefits of the Smart System is the introduction of larger battery capacities, including a 545wh and 725wh PowerPack and 750wh PowerTube.

Multipurpose Cargo Space 
Kids or groceries? Either, or both! The various side wall and cover options provide additional convenient solutions, while a permitted total weight of up to 200 kg gives you a lot of freedom. 

The two 5-point belts for two smaller children and a comfortable, cushioned seat position ensure relaxed riding around the town and countryside. For all-round safety, this equipment version is available only with side walls.

Control Technology
You might not immediately thinks of fun on two wheels when you hear the words “cargo bike”, but this changes when you sit on a Load with Control Technology. The optimised chassis and the finely tuned full suspension ensure optimum comfort, safe riding even at higher speeds, excellent road holding and thus top-of-the-range riding dynamics. Vibrations and shocks, such as from potholes or kerbs, are significantly cushioned, keeping you in control. 

Prices start from $13,829. Prices will change based on components selected in the Riese and Muller configuration tool. 

Click here to explore Load4 60 options and configure your bike 

You can configure your perfect bike at home or we can walk you through the options in store.

Once your bike is configured, a 10% deposit is all we need to place your bike on order with Riese and Muller. Your bike will then be made to order in Germany, and we will be able to give you a delivery timeframe based on the production schedule. 

If you have any questions about the Riese and Muller range or the ordering process, don't hesitate to get in touch!