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Stuff happens. That’s why we have a warranty. 

All our new bikes (and parts such as batteries and chargers) are sold with a warranty - you can find more on what is covered for your specific bike in the information that came with your bike, or on the relevant brand website.

Warranty covers manufacturing faults, not wear and tear. 

In the event you do need to make a warranty claim:

Prepare for a wee wait.

Warranty repairs can take a little time, as we will need to assess the issue, contact the appropriate supplier and arrange for the offending part to be sent back for assessment. Only then would the part be able to be replaced. 

Depending on the part being replaced, it can take time for the part to arrive.

If you purchased your bike from us, there is no charge for warranty repairs when you bring your bike back to us. However - If you take your bike to a different bike shop, the parts will be covered by the supplier but there is no obligation on the supplier, the bike shop or us to pay for the labour to repair the issue. Please see “buying from outside Chch” for more information.

Regardless of where you take the bike, you will need your proof of purchase information. If you have purchased the bike here and you bring it back, we will have all of the information in the system to begin the process. If you take it somewhere else, you may need to get in touch with us to send some information through to the bike shop you are working with - this is never a problem.

You cannot have tampered with the bike in any way (relating to the warranty issue in question) that deviates it from the factory standard. For example: you are not entitled to a warranty frame replacement if you have drilled into the frame to mount something, even if the frame has failed elsewhere.

If a component is replaced under warranty, the warranty does not renew from that point. If you had a two year drive unit warranty, and we replaced it at 18months, you still run out of warranty at the two year mark even though it is a brand new part. If you are purchasing new parts, rather than having them replaced for free under warranty, these will come with a warranty specific to the part.

Note: if we attend to a fault with your bike or accessory which turns out to not be under warranty, the regular hourly workshop rate will apply.

If we are required to send a part away for diagnosis which turns out not to be under warranty, you will be charged the freight cost for this.

If you have any further questions regarding warranty, get in touch with us here.