Buying from out of town

Are you an out-of-town buyer?


Awesome, we are happy to help make your ebike dreams come true, but there are a few things you need to know before buying a bike from out of your local area.


We will need to send your bike to wherever you are. This will come at a cost, usually around $100, but we can quote this before you commit.



Depending on the bike you’re buying, it may be required to be built by a reputable dealer. They will charge to build your bike for you, usually $75-100, but this depends on the shop and the bike.



If you have a warranty issue and can’t get the bike back in to us, parts will be covered by the supplier but you will be charged for labour from the shop that is looking after you. Charges will vary depending on the issue. If you bring the bike back in to us with a warranty issue, we will order and fit the parts free of charge for you.

It’s very difficult to diagnose a bike that we can’t see. If you call us with an issue, we will recommend taking it into your local store and if necessary, we can work with them on a solution. When we can’t see the bike, we can only trust the mechanic who is working on your bike so will not usually be able to provide a second opinion.

For some bikes, you won’t have a warranty if the bike isn’t built by a reputable store, so please consider this before opting to build the bike yourself if this is offered as an option.


If you have any further questions regarding purchasing a bike from outside Christchurch, get in touch with us here.