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KS Ragei-S 30.9x100

KS Ragei-S 30.9x100

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New from KS is the Ragei-S Seatpost, with both dropper and air spring suspension function, the perfect solution for e-bikes where the cusotmer requires suspension for comfort and a dropper for ease of use

Rage-iS brings innovation by combining a high performance dropper with adjustable suspension at an affordable price.

What's New

  • Dropper combined with air-sprung suspension
  • Updated cylindrical upper clamp nuts do not spin
  • More vertical head clamp bolt angle
  • Dedicated cartridge architecture is reliable and smooth
  • Lightweight, rotating bottom actuator
  • Reduced actuation force
  • Longer travel options
  • Remote sold separately
  • Alloy stanchion
  • Weight optimized alloy mast
  • Air sprung hydraulic cartridge
  • Press fit bushing and dust wiper
  • Designed for internal frame routing
  • Short insertion length to travel ratio
  • Compatible with all KS Southpaw, KG and Westy remotes

** Does Not Come With Lever. Click here to view lever 

** Seperate instalation charge. Contact us for more Info