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Maximum security ground and wall anchor providing a secure point for locking your bike at home, garage or office. ANKR’s unique design means that it provides maximum security when mated with a lock (try with a Hiplok maximum security chain lock) but can be easily moved should you relocate or want to store your bike elsewhere. Made from premium hardened steel with bolts included, ANKR is rated Gold level security for both bicycles and motorbikes. ANKR is easy to install and suitable for inside or outside use.
Features & Benefits

  • Maximum security ground/wall anchor for bikes, e-bikes and motorcycles
  • Unique easy relocate design
  • Hardened steel two piece cylindrical body
  • High impact rubber end cap prevents framescratch
  • Measures: 100mm diameter x 90mm depth
  • Lock Aperture: 45MM X 70MM
  • Weight: 1200g
  • 4 x T30 multi fix fixings included
  • Diamond Sold Secure Bicycle and Gold Sold Secure Motorcycle