GPS Tracker for eBikes

GPS Tracker for eBikes

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Protect your eBike

Enjoy the security and confidence of knowing where your eBike is and help recover it if it’s stolen.

This hidden GPS tracker connected to the battery of your eBike connects to a mobile app showing you its location. There is small monthly GPRS connection fee.

We install the GPS tracker in our workshop so that it is hidden and wired to the battery of your electric bike.  Use your bike like normal and login to our mobile app to see its historical and real-time location. A mobile app is available for Android only, Apple users can login in through a browser (same functionality).

Make a booking to have your tracker installed here. Installation costs $70.

Currently available for Bosch Gen 3 and 4 motors only - get in touch with us here to check if your bike is compatible.

Charging time- approximately 1 hour
Standby time without power source- up to 10 hours
Moving time without power source- 1-2 hours
Charging system The battery of the GPS Tracker is charged when the bike is switched on (when charge is too low, connection will be initiated again when bike is turned on and moved).
Positioning- GPS, LBS
Satellite fix from ‘cold’ start- 30 sec to 5 min (average 2 min)
Network- 2G
Accuracy– Horizontal (within approximately 10m)
Water durability- 
Splash proof