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Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy
Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy

Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy

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The Canopy provides weatherproof protection for 2 small children. The Canopy is a protective, aluminium framed cover with a mix of sturdy cordura fabric, no-see-um mesh and clear windows, providing a good balance of safety, weather-proofing and fine views to the outside world. Also included is a back piece with integrated pockets for locks, rain clothes, tools etc.
The fabric and the windows are SGS/RoHS-tested and -certified.

Colour: Black
Weight: 5.7 kg
Material: Aluminium, Cordura, No-see-um mesh
Dimensions: 850mm x 650mm x 520mm

Note: To be used in combination with Honeycomb Board and Foldable Seat.


Disclaimer: The window has been tested in temperatures up to -25 degrees, every temperture below this is not recommended.