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Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy
Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy

Larry Vs Harry Bullitt Canopy

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The ultimate weather protection for your passengers, big or small. The canopy is a protective, metal framed cover with a mix of sturdy cordura fabric , no-see-um mesh and clear pvc windows, providing a good balance of safety, weather-proofing and fine views to the outside world. Also included is a back piece with integrated pockets for locks, rain clothes, tools etc.

It is necessary to use the canopy in conjunction with a baseplate (ie, Honeycomb Board) and we recommend using the Foldable Seat too (2 small children up to 10 years old). These must be purchased separately. Please be very careful when assembling the Canopy and read the instruction manual thoroughly (allow canopy fabric to rest in position a little, prior to attempting to zip the windows up). 

Tools required: 5mm allen key and 13mm spanner/wrench. Weight 7800 gr.

*Seatbeats and Honeycomb Board not included.