Benno Rack Pad - Half Size

Benno Rack Pad - Half Size

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The Benno Rack Pad (Half Size) is a pad for the rear rack on the Benno Boost E. This half-sized pad accommodates one passenger and must be used with a Benno High Rail. We also recommend  combining the pad with a Benno Mini Sideloader Set and Benno Rear Guards.

The Mini Sideloader Set provides a place for passengers to rest their feet, while the Rear Guards prevent anything from entering moving parts on the bicycle (for example the chain or wheel parts). To increase comfort further, a Benno Rail Pad provides a cushioned handhold for passengers.




Bike Categories: Benno Boost E

Color: Black

Dimensions: 18cm x 30cm (W x L)

Includes Velcro Mounting Pad