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Benno High Rail - 46er and Pre2021 Boost

Benno High Rail - 46er and Pre2021 Boost

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The Benno High Rail is compatible with the Benno 46er or Boosts Pre2021 ONLY. The rail can be used alongside the Yepp child seat attachment for extra protection or alongside a rear pad to provide security as a handrail on either side. A Benno Rail Pad will provide a cushion on the rail for passengers' hands.

To attach the High Rail you’ll need the Benno Rail Clamp Plus for the Benno 46er, or the Rail Clamp for Boosts Pre2021. Clamp sets are sold separately.
Please note: When carrying passengers, rear wheel must be covered! Install Benno Wheel Guards or Utility Pannier Bags. Failure to do so could result in serious injury! Make sure that no parts of the body or clothing come near moving parts on the bicycle, such as chain, spokes, tyres or brakes.

Benno Rails may help stabilize load during normal operation but do not protect in the event of an accident or bike falling over.