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Cargo Bike Commuting in Christchurch

Meet Julia, Christchurch Electric Bicycles Very Own All-Weather Commuter

If you’ve visited our shop in the last three years, there’s no doubt you’ve met our retail manager Julia, who is a keen advocate of sustainable transportation and promoting cycling in Christchurch. Rain or shine, Julia can be seen pedaling her Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt electric cargo bike to work and around Ōtautahi.

Julia and the electric cargo bike that she commutes on

Committing to the Cargo Bike Life

As a lifelong bike commuter, replacing a car with a cargo e-bike was a natural next step for Julia. She chose the electrified Bullitt with internal gear hub and belt drive because she wanted a e-bike that was up to the task of whatever she needed to carry, in any condition. The Shimano motor gives assistance to offset the weight of her cargo, so she never needs to think twice about whether or not she can use her bike for hauling loads. The internal gear hub is super low maintenance, and the belt used is a more durable and cleaner alternative to a chain. The combination allows for easy shifting and confident bike handling, even when the bike is fully loaded. 

Carrying loads is easy on a cargo e-bike.

One Fewer Car

She utilizes the Bullitt’s spacious cargo area for her everyday shopping and errands, but also as space for passengers! As much as Julia enjoys riding her bike, she loves sitting in the front whilst her partner effortlessly pedals her into town for dinner and drinks. There’s never any need to stress about finding a park, or racing to top up the meter. Even with an adult passenger, the Bullitt is easy to ride, and with a protected cycle lane 95% of the ride from her home to the CBD, it's safe as well.

Many electric cargo bikes can carry people easily too

Exploring Christchurch's Expanding Cycle Path Network

With the great strides taken to expand the cycleways in Ōtautahi, it’s easier than ever to find routes that take advantage of the safe and accessible network. These well-designed paths enable her to navigate the city efficiently and efficiently. By taking advantage of the expanding network, Julia enjoys the benefits of stress-free riding and feels great about reducing her carbon footprint. She is thrilled to see the network continue to expand, and is looking forward to seeing more of the city connected in the coming years.

Christchurch cycleways perfect for e-bike commuting

Every Ride Counts

Perfect is the enemy of good! It’s OK to feel a bit wary about commuting by bike if you’ve never done it before, but don’t be afraid to start small. Even one day of riding per week will add up over time to improve your wellbeing and reduce your carbon footprint. The Google Maps cycling feature, or CCC cycle maps are great resources to design your route around the cycle lanes. Asking coworkers or friends to ride part of your route together can help gain confidence riding with traffic. If there’s a portion of commute you’re just not comfortable with, all Christchurch Metro buses have bike racks, so mixing modes of transportation are an option as well. 

Julia loves her electric Bullitt cargo bike