Converted Summit Plus

Converted Summit Plus

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Go fast and far with the Summit Plus system. Al the features of the Summit system with the extra range of the 17ah battery.

The powerful 300w mid drive motor drives through your bikes gears giving you amazing climbing and great speed. The waterproof system is super reliable and our service teams are here to help you come time for a check up.

The Summit Plus system is perfect for you commuting and get around town needs. The 17ah battery giving you around 50 to 80km riding on a charge with a cost of only 30c to charge up.

The Summit Plus system has shift sensing which detects you changing gears and reduces the motor output for smoother changes that protects your bike gears and chain.

There is a plug ready for you to upgrade to lights that run off the bikes battery.

When your ready you can move the system to a new bike and return your old bike to its original state.

Don't let your current bike go to waste. Turn it into your very own, one of a kind Converted bike!

Contact us to arrange assessment and installation.

Price includes standard installation. Some conversions require additional modifications and will incur extra charges.

  • High torque 300w mid drive motor
  • Fits 68 to 73mm bottom bracket
  • LCD display with battery and trip data
  • 36v / 17ah / 612 watt hour "clip in, clip out" secure battery with lithium ion cells and charger.
  • Battery protection system
  • Integrated controller with pedal start and throttle start
  • IP 67 waterproof connectors
  • Range around 60km in pedal assist mode
  • Assisted speed up to 50km/h (gearing dependant)
  • 42T steel chainring
  • Gear shift sensor
  • Lighting plug
  • Throttle

Optional: upgrade the battery to the larger 24 Ah option for a massive range increase. Get in touch to talk about options for this!