As a retail business we are not required to view your vaccine passport while we are operating under this level. 

  • Facemasks are compulsory unless you can show an exemption.
  • Contact tracing is now optional. Scan the App or fill out the contact tracing form at the door.
  • Use the supplied hand sanitizer.
  • We have a very small shop. In order to keep the required 1 meter safe distance between people we need to limit the number of people in the store at any one time. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to wait outside. We encourage you to contact us by phone or email in the first instance to ask questions or to book in a time for a test ride.  Having these conversations before you come to the store will help reduce the time spent in close personal contact. 
  • We will try and talk with our customers outside the shop as much as possible. 
  • Until further notice, helmets will not be offered for test rides. Customers please bring your own if you want to wear a helmet. We will provide recommendations on safer riding options for test rides.
  • As much as possible, try not to handle bikes or products, please ask us to show you and demonstrate. 
  • We will provide hand sanitiser to customers.
  • We will clean and sanitise our hands regularly
  • We will use sanitising wipes on the EFTPOS machine regularly.
  • Don’t come to the shop if you have cold or flu symptoms, or suspect you have been exposed to the virus.

Keeping CEB staff safe

  • Customer facing staff must wear a facemask
  • Ensure all customers are able to scan the app or fill out the contact tracing form
  • No public access to the workshop or administration areas
  • Practice social distancing by keeping 1m distance from people you don’t know. As much as possible, try to talk with customers outside where it is easier to do this. Don’t be afraid to ask customers to wait outside the shop.
  • Ask couriers to leave parcels at the door.
  • Sanitise hands regularly
  • Use sanitising wipes on the EFTPOS machine regularly. Encourage payment online. 
  • Clean surfaces regularly and thoroughly, particularly contact points such as phones, computer keypads and mouse, handles and seats.
  • All workshop dropoffs and pickups are strictly by appointment only. This helps minimise time spent in the store explaining what is required. (Fill out service sheets at time of booking)
  • Sanitise bike contact points at time of check in, before inspection.
  • Sanitise hands after handling a customers bike.
  • Sanitise bikes before and after working on them. Grips, Saddles, shifters, brake levers or any part of the bike that will be handled.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or your elbow, then wash hands immediately
  • Ensure kitchen utensils and tea and coffee cups etc are washed frequently and not shared.
  • Avoid touching your face or eyes
  • Don’t come to work if you have cold or flu symptoms, or suspect you have been exposed to the virus.