2021 ebikes in store now - first blog post

Smile, smile again.... every turn, every jump, every push forward, every climb, every descent! On an easy ride or on the attack, flat out and fast. With your family, alone or with friends, there's no better bike than the Samedi 29 Trail to illustrate our "Smiling Machine"!

Even more magic!

The Moustache spirit concentrated in just one model! The Samedi 29 Trail! Thanks to its balanced geometry and our exclusive suspension kinematics, it is as at ease climbing as it is descending, as stable as it is manouevrable, as fun as it is efficient. Put simply, the DNA of the Trail family....which is improved even more this year with the adoption of 29" wheels. Its hydroformed frame integrates the Bosch battery. The same, or almost.... just even more magic!

The soul of our Samedi 29 Trail

The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum 6061 T4, and aeronautical quality T6, and discretely integrates the Bosch battery while optimizing the center of gravity, our special know how for several years! The linkage is CNC forged and machined, and the bearings are oversized for optimized stiffness and reliability. For the same reasons, all the tubes are of variable thickness and reinforced in the zones under stress, and in order to achieve the very best look, the double Tig welds are polished everywhere it's possible. With 150mm of travel, it offers the perfect balance between performance and ease of use.